Gallery for games and other electronic, interactive and transmedia art, home venue for the festival Electrodome.

Playcentric Industries & Institute runs a container gallery that is temporarily placed at Masthuggskajen. The founder Jasmine Idun Isdrake was asked by Boid/Älvstranden Utveckling to design parts of Masthuggskajen in the center of Gothenburg that will be open for the public while the new building plan is being set. This is a great spot in the heart of the city, right by the water.

The gallery is also a lab and test area for sustainable solutions like wind and solar power, and other initiatives are also welcome to suggest activities in this space. To follow the development, meet the awesome people making things here and keep track of events, check the Facebook page.

Gallery location: Masthuggskajen, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Next event

Game exhibition in Stockholm

Call for game makers/artists!
Epic Unidragon will be in Stockholm May – September 2017 for a game exhibition and we are looking for 7-10 high quality game experiences to exhibit. Send your proposal including technical specifications and budget to jasmine@maker.ninja